In 1977, Baudour, Hautrage, Neufmaison, Sirault, Tertre and Villerot were incorporated into Saint-Ghislain.
Nearby towns include Saint-Ghislain (Tertre 2.3km, Baudour 4km, Villerot 4.8km, Hautrage 5.2km, Sirault 6.9km and Neufmaison 9.4km), Boussu 2.4km (Hornu 2km), Quaregnon 3.4km (Wasmuel 1.9km), Colfontaine 4.2km (Wasmes 3.2km, Pâturages 4.6km and Warquignies 5.2km), Dour 6.4km (Élouges 6.8km, Blaugies 8.4km and Wihéries 8.4km), Frameries 6.6km (La Bouverie 6.1km, Eugies 7.9km, Noirchain 9.3km and Sars-la-Bruyère 9.4km), Mons 9.1km (Flénu 4.7km, Jemappes 4.7km, Ghlin 6km, Cuesmes 7km, Ciply 8.7km and Nimy 9.4km), Hensies 9.7km (Hainin 4.2km, Thulin 6.1km and Montrœul-sur-Haine 8.1km), Jurbise 11.5km (Erbisœul 9.3km and Herchies 9.4km), Bernissart 12.4km (Ville-Pommerœul 6.8km, Pommerœul 7.8km and Harchies 9.7km), Honnelles 12.7km (Athis 9.8km), Belœil 12.9km (Stambruges 10km) and Quévy 13.1km (Genly 9.3km)
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