In 1977, Villerot was incorporated into Saint-Ghislain.
Nearby towns include Saint-Ghislain 4.8km (Hautrage 2km, Sirault 2.2km, Tertre 2.6km, Baudour 2.9km and Neufmaison 4.9km), Boussu 5.8km (Hornu 6.7km), Quaregnon 7.4km (Wasmuel 6km), Belœil 8.1km (Stambruges 5.7km, Grandglise 7.1km and Quevaucamps 8.5km), Colfontaine 9km (Wasmes 8km, Pâturages 9.4km and Warquignies 9.8km), Hensies 9.6km (Hainin 6.3km, Thulin 7.4km and Montrœul-sur-Haine 7.9km), Bernissart 10km (Ville-Pommerœul 4.4km, Pommerœul 6.2km, Harchies 7km and Blaton 9.7km), Dour 10km (Élouges 9.5km), Jurbise 10km (Herchies 6.8km, Erbisœul 8.2km and Erbaut 8.5km), Chièvres 11.4km (Grosage 6.8km, Huissignies 9.1km and Ladeuze 9.2km) and Mons 11.8km (Ghlin 8.1km, Flénu 8.8km and Jemappes 8.8km)
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