In 1977, Élouges was incorporated into Dour.
Nearby towns include Dour 2.1km (Wihéries 2.2km and Blaugies 5.1km), Boussu 4.4km (Hornu 7km), Quiévrain 4.8km (Audregnies 3.3km and Baisieux 4.4km), Hensies 5.7km (Thulin 2.7km, Hainin 3.2km and Montrœul-sur-Haine 5km), Honnelles 6.2km (Montignies-sur-Roc 4km, Athis 4.8km, Onnezies 5.3km, Fayt-le-Franc 5.6km, Angre 5.7km, Erquennes 5.8km, Autreppe 6.3km, Marchipont 6.7km, Angreau 7.5km and Roisin 9km), Saint-Ghislain 6.8km (Tertre 8.1km, Hautrage 8.3km and Villerot 9.5km), Colfontaine 6.8km (Warquignies 5km, Wasmes 6.7km and Pâturages 7.3km), Quaregnon 9km (Wasmuel 8.1km), Frameries 10km (La Bouverie 8.7km, Eugies 9.6km and Sars-la-Bruyère 9.6km), Bernissart 10.6km (Pommerœul 6.9km, Ville-Pommerœul 7.7km and Harchies 9.3km) and Mons 14.9km (Flénu 9.8km and Jemappes 9.8km)
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