In 1971, Cuesmes was incorporated into Mons.
In 1972, Ghlin, Hyon, Nimy and Obourg were incorporated into Mons.
In 1977, Ciply, Harmignies, Harveng, Havré, Jemappes, Maisières, Mesvin, Nouvelles, Saint-Symphorien, Spiennes and Villers-Saint-Ghislain were incorporated into Mons.
Nearby towns include Mons (Nimy 1.5km, Hyon 2.6km, Mesvin 2.6km, Cuesmes 3.2km, Spiennes 3.3km, Maisières 3.3km, Ghlin 3.7km, Obourg 3.9km, Ciply 4.2km, Saint-Symphorien 4.3km, Nouvelles 4.3km, Flénu 5.1km, Jemappes 5.1km, Saint-Denis 5.9km, Havré 6km, Villers-Saint-Ghislain 7.3km, Ghislage 7.6km, Harmignies 7.6km and Harveng 8.2km), Quaregnon 6km (Wasmuel 7.3km), Frameries 6.2km (Noirchain 6km, La Bouverie 7.5km and Eugies 8.4km), Colfontaine 8.4km (Pâturages 8km and Wasmes 8.2km), Saint-Ghislain 9.1km (Baudour 8.9km and Tertre 9.9km), Jurbise 9.3km (Erbisœul 7.9km, Masnuy-Saint-Jean 8.8km, Masnuy-Saint-Pierre 9.3km and Erbaut 9.9km), Quévy 9.6km (Asquillies 5.8km, Genly 7km, Bougnies 7.4km, Quévy-le-Petit 9.6km and Givry 10km), Boussu 11.1km (Hornu 8km), Estinnes 12.2km (Vellereille-le-Sec 9.7km), Le Rœulx 12.6km (Ville-sur-Haine 8.6km and Gottignies 9.2km), Soignies 16.5km (Casteau 7.9km and Thieusies 9.9km) and La Louvière 17.2km (Boussoit 9.8km)
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