In 1977, Genly and other municipalities merged into the new municipality of Quévy.
Nearby towns include Frameries 2.7km (Noirchain 1.2km, Eugies 2.4km, La Bouverie 3.4km and Sars-la-Bruyère 3.8km), Quévy 3.9km (Bougnies 1.7km, Asquillies 3km, Quévy-le-Petit 3.1km, Quévy-le-Grand 4.1km, Blaregnies 4.4km, Havay 5.8km, Aulnois 6km, Goegnies-Chaussée 6.1km and Givry 8km), Colfontaine 5.6km (Pâturages 5km, Wasmes 6.3km and Warquignies 6.9km), Quaregnon 6.5km (Wasmuel 7.8km), Mons 7km (Ciply 2.8km, Nouvelles 4.3km, Cuesmes 4.5km, Harveng 4.7km, Flénu 5.1km, Jemappes 5.1km, Hyon 5.6km, Mesvin 5.6km, Spiennes 5.9km, Harmignies 7km, Saint-Symphorien 7.3km, Ghlin 8.3km, Nimy 8.5km and Villers-Saint-Ghislain 8.5km), Saint-Ghislain 9.3km, Boussu 9.9km (Hornu 7.3km), Dour 10km (Blaugies 8.4km), Estinnes 12.6km (Vellereille-le-Sec 9.9km) and Honnelles 14.5km (Erquennes 9.7km)
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