In 1977, Erquennes and other municipalities merged into the new municipality of Honnelles.
Nearby towns include Dour 4.3km (Blaugies 1.7km, Wihéries 4.1km and Élouges 5.8km), Honnelles 4.9km (Athis 1.2km, Fayt-le-Franc 1.5km, Autreppe 4.2km, Montignies-sur-Roc 4.5km, Onnezies 5.4km, Angre 7km, Angreau 7.3km, Roisin 7.5km and Marchipont 9.1km), Colfontaine 7.2km (Warquignies 5.1km, Pâturages 7.4km and Wasmes 7.9km), Boussu 8.3km (Hornu 9km), Frameries 9.1km (Sars-la-Bruyère 6.2km, Eugies 7.4km and La Bouverie 7.8km), Quiévrain 9.2km (Audregnies 5.9km and Baisieux 7.6km), Hensies 11.2km (Hainin 8.3km and Thulin 8.5km) and Quévy 11.5km (Blaregnies 7.5km, Aulnois 8.1km and Genly 9.7km)
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