In 1977, Pâturages, Warquignies and Wasmes merged into the new municipality of Colfontaine.
Nearby towns include Colfontaine (Pâturages 0.6km, Wasmes 1km and Warquignies 2.3km), Quaregnon 3.2km (Wasmuel 3.5km), Frameries 3.3km (La Bouverie 2.2km, Eugies 3.9km, Sars-la-Bruyère 5.2km and Noirchain 6km), Saint-Ghislain 4.2km (Tertre 6.4km, Baudour 7.7km, Villerot 9km and Hautrage 9.2km), Boussu 4.3km (Hornu 2.3km), Dour 5.2km (Blaugies 5.5km, Élouges 6.8km and Wihéries 7.5km), Mons 8.4km (Flénu 3.3km, Jemappes 3.3km, Cuesmes 5.4km, Ciply 6.1km, Ghlin 6.9km, Nouvelles 8.5km, Hyon 8.7km, Mesvin 8.7km, Nimy 9.3km and Spiennes 9.5km), Quévy 9.3km (Genly 5.6km, Bougnies 7.3km, Blaregnies 7.4km, Asquillies 8km, Quévy-le-Petit 8.2km, Aulnois 9.2km and Quévy-le-Grand 9.3km), Honnelles 11.1km (Erquennes 7.2km, Athis 7.5km, Fayt-le-Franc 8.4km and Montignies-sur-Roc 9.5km), Quiévrain 11.6km (Audregnies 9.7km) and Hensies 11.7km (Hainin 6.1km and Thulin 7.7km)
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