In 1977, Blaregnies and other municipalities merged into the new municipality of Quévy.
Nearby towns include Quévy 4.2km (Aulnois 1.8km, Quévy-le-Petit 3km, Quévy-le-Grand 3.5km, Goegnies-Chaussée 3.6km, Genly 4.4km, Bougnies 4.7km, Havay 6.2km, Asquillies 6.7km and Givry 9.7km), Frameries 6.1km (Sars-la-Bruyère 2.3km, Eugies 3.9km, Noirchain 5.5km and La Bouverie 5.8km), Colfontaine 7.4km (Pâturages 7km, Warquignies 7.3km and Wasmes 8.4km), Dour 9.6km (Blaugies 6.9km), Quaregnon 9.7km, Boussu 11.3km (Hornu 9.7km), Mons 11.4km (Harveng 6.8km, Ciply 7.2km, Nouvelles 8.3km, Flénu 8.7km, Jemappes 8.7km, Cuesmes 8.7km, Harmignies 9.8km, Hyon 9.9km and Mesvin 9.9km) and Honnelles 12.3km (Erquennes 7.5km, Athis 8.6km and Fayt-le-Franc 8.9km)
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