In 1977, Warquignies and other municipalities merged into the new municipality of Colfontaine.
Nearby towns include Colfontaine 2.3km (Pâturages 2.7km and Wasmes 2.9km), Dour 3.1km (Blaugies 3.4km, Élouges 5km and Wihéries 5.2km), Boussu 4.2km (Hornu 4km), Frameries 5.2km (La Bouverie 3.8km, Eugies 4.6km, Sars-la-Bruyère 5.1km and Noirchain 7.6km), Saint-Ghislain 5.2km (Tertre 7.5km, Baudour 9.2km, Hautrage 9.6km and Villerot 9.8km), Quaregnon 5.4km (Wasmuel 5.3km), Honnelles 8.8km (Erquennes 5.1km, Athis 5.2km, Fayt-le-Franc 6.1km, Montignies-sur-Roc 7.2km, Autreppe 8.4km, Onnezies 8.6km and Angre 9.7km), Quiévrain 9.8km (Audregnies 7.6km and Baisieux 9.1km), Quévy 10.1km (Genly 6.9km, Blaregnies 7.3km, Bougnies 8.6km, Quévy-le-Petit 8.9km, Aulnois 8.9km, Asquillies 9.6km and Quévy-le-Grand 9.9km), Hensies 10.4km (Hainin 5.3km, Thulin 6.5km and MontrÅ“ul-sur-Haine 9.2km) and Mons 10.7km (Flénu 5.6km, Jemappes 5.6km, Cuesmes 7.6km, Ciply 8.1km and Ghlin 9.2km)
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