In 1977, Hainin was incorporated into Hensies.
Nearby towns include Boussu 2.1km (Hornu 5.2km), Dour 4km (Élouges 3.2km, Wihéries 5.3km and Blaugies 7.1km), Saint-Ghislain 4.2km (Tertre 5.1km, Hautrage 5.2km, Villerot 6.3km, Baudour 7.4km and Sirault 8.4km), Hensies 5.7km (Thulin 1.8km and Montrœul-sur-Haine 4.3km), Colfontaine 6.1km (Warquignies 5.3km, Wasmes 5.6km and Pâturages 6.7km), Quiévrain 6.5km (Audregnies 6.3km and Baisieux 6.9km), Quaregnon 7.2km (Wasmuel 5.9km), Frameries 9.3km (La Bouverie 8.3km and Eugies 9.7km), Honnelles 9.4km (Montignies-sur-Roc 7.2km, Athis 7.6km, Erquennes 8.3km, Onnezies 8.4km, Fayt-le-Franc 8.4km, Angre 8.7km, Marchipont 9.2km and Autreppe 9.5km), Bernissart 9.4km (Pommerœul 5km, Ville-Pommerœul 5.1km and Harchies 7.4km), Mons 13.2km (Flénu 8.3km and Jemappes 8.3km) and Belœil 13.3km (Stambruges 9.3km and Grandglise 9.6km)
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