In 1965, Harchies was incorporated into Bernissart.
In 1977, Blaton and Pommerœul were incorporated into Bernissart.
Nearby towns include Bernissart (Blaton 2.9km, Harchies 3km, Pommerœul 4.6km and Ville-Pommerœul 5.8km), Hensies 5.3km (Montrœul-sur-Haine 5.6km, Thulin 8.2km and Hainin 9.4km), Péruwelz 5.6km (Roucourt 7.5km, Bury 8.6km, Wiers 9.2km and Braffe 9.9km), Quiévrain 8km, Belœil 10.1km (Grandglise 4.6km, Basècles 5.5km, Stambruges 6.1km, Quevaucamps 6.5km, Wadelincourt 7.1km, Ramegnies 7.8km, Thumaide 8.3km and Ellignies-Sainte-Anne 9.8km) and Saint-Ghislain 12.4km (Hautrage 8.1km and Villerot 10km)
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