In 1977, Aubechies, Basècles, Ellignies-Sainte-Anne, Ramegnies, Stambruges, Thumaide and Wadelincourt were incorporated into Belœil.
In 1977, Quevaucamps and other municipalities merged into the new municipality of Belœil.
Nearby towns include Belœil (Quevaucamps 3.8km, Ellignies-Sainte-Anne 4.3km, Stambruges 4.6km, Aubechies 4.8km, Grandglise 5.6km, Wadelincourt 6km, Basècles 6.4km, Ramegnies 6.9km and Thumaide 7.6km), Chièvres 6.8km (Grosage 1.9km, Huissignies 2.3km, Ladeuze 3.5km, Tongre-Notre-Dame 4.8km and Tongre-Saint-Martin 5.8km), Ath 9.3km (Ormeignies 5.2km, Moulbaix 5.9km, Villers-Notre-Dame 7.6km, Irchonwelz 8km, Ligne 8.2km, Villers-Saint-Amand 8.2km, Maffle 8.9km and Arbre 9km), Leuze-en-Hainaut 9.7km (Blicquy 5.3km, Tourpes 6.3km, Chapelle-à-Oie 6.8km, Chapelle-à-Wattines 8.9km and Willaupuis 9.3km), Brugelette 9.9km (Attre 9.9km), Bernissart 10.1km (Blaton 7.7km, Harchies 8.3km, Ville-Pommerœul 8.6km and Pommerœul 10km), Péruwelz 11.1km (Bury 9.8km), Lens 12km (Bauffe 8.7km), Jurbise 12.8km (Herchies 9.2km) and Saint-Ghislain 12.9km (Neufmaison 4.8km, Sirault 6.2km, Villerot 8.1km and Hautrage 8.2km)
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