In 1977, Bauffe, Cambron-Saint-Vincent, Lombise and Montignies-lez-Lens were incorporated into Lens.
Nearby towns include Lens (Cambron-Saint-Vincent 2.9km, Montignies-lez-Lens 3.1km, Bauffe 3.7km and Lombise 5.5km), Jurbise 2.8km (Erbaut 3km, Masnuy-Saint-Jean 3.9km, Herchies 4.4km, ErbisÅ“ul 4.7km and Masnuy-Saint-Pierre 4.9km), Brugelette 5.4km (Cambron-Casteau 3.9km, Gages 5.6km, Mévergnies 6.3km and Attre 7.1km), Chièvres 7.5km (Tongre-Saint-Martin 8.4km, Ladeuze 9.2km and Tongre-Notre-Dame 9.3km), Silly 10.3km (Thoricourt 6.7km, Fouleng 7km and Gondregnies 7.8km), Ath 11.9km (Arbre 8.5km, Gibecq 8.9km and Maffle 9.4km), Mons 12.1km (Maisières 9km), Soignies 12.3km (Louvignies 6.9km, Neufvilles 7.3km, Chaussée-Notre-Dame-Louvignies 7.9km, Chaussée-Notre-Dame 7.9km and Casteau 8.3km) and Saint-Ghislain 13.5km (Neufmaison 8.2km, Baudour 9.6km and Sirault 9.9km)
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