In 1977, Montignies-lez-Lens was incorporated into Lens.
Nearby towns include Lens 3.1km (Cambron-Saint-Vincent 2.9km, Lombise 4.1km and Bauffe 6.6km), Jurbise 4.1km (Masnuy-Saint-Pierre 3.2km, Masnuy-Saint-Jean 3.5km, Erbaut 5.4km, ErbisÅ“ul 6.3km and Herchies 7.2km), Brugelette 7.4km (Cambron-Casteau 5.5km, Gages 6.2km, Mévergnies 8.1km and Attre 8.9km), Soignies 9.1km (Louvignies 3.9km, Neufvilles 4.1km, Chaussée-Notre-Dame 5km, Chaussée-Notre-Dame-Louvignies 5km, Casteau 6.5km, Horrues 8.5km, Thieusies 9.1km and Naast 9.2km), Silly 9.7km (Thoricourt 5.2km, Fouleng 6.2km, Gondregnies 7.4km and Graty 8.5km), Mons 12.3km (Maisières 8.9km) and Ath 14km (Gibecq 9.2km)
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