In 1977, Zullik, Fouleng, Gondregnies, Graty, Hellebecq, Hove and Thoricourt were incorporated into Silly.
Nearby towns include Silly (Gondregnies 2.6km, Zullik 2.7km, Hellebecq 2.9km, Fouleng 3.5km, Thoricourt 4.7km, Graty 5.4km and Hove 8.2km), Bever 7.7km, Brugelette 7.8km (Gages 5.2km, Mévergnies 7.3km, Cambron-Casteau 7.4km and Attre 7.6km), Enghien 9.3km (Mark 8.1km), Lessines 9.5km (Lessenbos 5.7km, Woelingen 6.2km and Papegem 8.4km), Lens 10.3km (Lombise 5.6km, Cambron-Saint-Vincent 7.5km and Montignies-lez-Lens 9.7km), Ath 10.8km (Gibecq 2.9km, Ghislenghien 3.4km, Meslin-l'Évêque 5.4km, Isières 7.8km, Lanquesaint 8.3km, Arbre 8.8km, Maffle 9.2km and Rebaix 9.9km), Herne 11.4km (Sint-Pieters-Kapelle 7.9km) and Soignies 13km (Chaussée-Notre-Dame-Louvignies 8.2km, Chaussée-Notre-Dame 8.3km, Louvignies 8.5km and Horrues 9.5km)
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