In 1977, Sirault was incorporated into Saint-Ghislain.
Nearby towns include Belœil 6.2km (Stambruges 4.9km, Grandglise 6.6km, Quevaucamps 7.3km and Basècles 9.8km), Saint-Ghislain 6.9km (Villerot 2.2km, Neufmaison 2.8km, Hautrage 3.4km, Baudour 4km and Tertre 4.6km), Boussu 8km (Hornu 8.7km), Quaregnon 9.2km (Wasmuel 7.9km), Chièvres 9.2km (Grosage 4.7km, Huissignies 6.9km, Ladeuze 7km, Tongre-Notre-Dame 8.6km and Tongre-Saint-Martin 8.9km), Jurbise 9.3km (Herchies 5.6km, Erbaut 7.6km and Erbisœul 7.8km), Lens 9.9km (Bauffe 8.2km), Bernissart 10.3km (Ville-Pommerœul 5.4km, Pommerœul 7.3km, Harchies 7.4km and Blaton 9.3km), Hensies 10.9km (Hainin 8.4km, Thulin 9.3km and Montrœul-sur-Haine 9.4km) and Mons 12.8km (Ghlin 9.1km)
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