In 1977, Blaugies, Élouges and Wihéries were incorporated into Dour.
Nearby towns include Dour (Élouges 2.1km, Wihéries 2.2km and Blaugies 3.2km), Boussu 4.3km (Hornu 6.1km), Colfontaine 5.3km (Warquignies 3.1km, Wasmes 5.4km and Pâturages 5.7km), Honnelles 6.3km (Athis 3.6km, Erquennes 4.3km, Montignies-sur-Roc 4.4km, Fayt-le-Franc 4.5km, Onnezies 5.8km, Autreppe 6.1km, Angre 6.7km, Angreau 8.1km, Marchipont 8.2km and Roisin 9.3km), Saint-Ghislain 6.4km (Tertre 8.2km and Hautrage 9.2km), Quiévrain 6.7km (Audregnies 4.5km and Baisieux 5.9km), Hensies 7.8km (Hainin 4km, Thulin 4.4km and Montrœul-sur-Haine 6.9km), Quaregnon 7.9km (Wasmuel 7.3km), Frameries 8.3km (La Bouverie 6.9km, Sars-la-Bruyère 7.5km and Eugies 7.6km), Bernissart 12.5km (Pommerœul 8.6km and Ville-Pommerœul 9.1km), Quévy 12.9km (Blaregnies 9.6km and Genly 10km) and Mons 13.6km (Flénu 8.5km and Jemappes 8.5km)
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