In 1977, Ortho was incorporated into La Roche-en-Ardenne.
Nearby towns include Bertogne 5.9km (Roumont 7.1km, Givroulle 7.2km, Compogne 8.1km, Givry 8.1km and Longchamps 9.7km), La Roche-en-Ardenne 7km (Hives 3.8km, Beausaint 6.6km, Bérismenil 7km, Vecmont 7.1km, Cielle 8.6km, Halleux 9.5km and Samrée 9.7km), Tenneville 7.3km (Cens 3.3km, Erneuville 4.5km and Champlon 8km) and Houffalize 12.6km (Ollomont 5.8km, Nadrin 6.3km, Vellereux 8.5km, Wibrin 8.9km and Mabompré 9.4km)
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