In 1903, Ollomont was split into Nadrin.
In 1977, Nadrin was incorporated into Houffalize.
Nearby towns include La Roche-en-Ardenne 7.8km (Bérismenil 2.6km, Ortho 5.8km, Samrée 6.6km, Hives 7.1km, Beausaint 9.1km and Cielle 9.4km), Bertogne 7.9km (Compogne 8km), Houffalize 8.4km (Nadrin 0.6km, Wibrin 3.2km, Mont 6.5km, Vellereux 7.4km, Mabompré 7.6km, Taverneux 8.5km, Tailles 9.4km and Sommerain 9.9km), Tenneville 13km (Cens 9km) and Manhay 15km (Dochamps 9.8km)
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