In 1823, Compogne was incorporated into Bertogne.
In 1977, Flamierge and Longchamps were incorporated into Bertogne.
Nearby towns include Bertogne (Compogne 2.9km, Givry 3.8km, Longchamps 3.9km, Givroulle 4.8km, Flamierge 7.2km, Mande-Saint-Étienne 7.6km and Roumont 7.9km), Bastogne 9.6km (Noville 7km and Rachamps 8.5km), Houffalize 10.1km (Vellereux 4.1km, Mabompré 5.3km, Ollomont 7.9km, Nadrin 8.3km and Wibrin 9.8km), Tenneville 10.3km (Cens 7km and Erneuville 9km) and La Roche-en-Ardenne 12.7km (Ortho 5.9km and Hives 9.7km)
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