In 1811, Cens was incorporated into Erneuville.
In 1977, Erneuville was incorporated into Tenneville.
Nearby towns include Tenneville 4km (Erneuville 2.1km and Champlon 5.2km), Bertogne 7km (Roumont 4.2km, Givroulle 5.9km, Givry 7.5km, Flamierge 8.3km and Compogne 9.7km), La Roche-en-Ardenne 8.5km (Ortho 3.3km, Hives 4.9km, Vecmont 6.2km, Beausaint 7.3km, Halleux 8.9km and Cielle 9.8km), Sainte-Ode 9.6km (Lavacherie 7.5km, Amberloup 9.4km and Tonny 9.9km) and Houffalize 15.5km (Ollomont 9.1km and Nadrin 9.6km)
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