In 1823, Vellereux was incorporated into Mabompré.
In 1977, Mabompré was incorporated into Houffalize.
Nearby towns include Bertogne 4.1km (Compogne 1.4km, Longchamps 5.2km, Givry 7.3km and Givroulle 8.7km), Houffalize 6.3km (Mabompré 1.2km, Cowan 6.3km, Mont 7.4km, Ollomont 7.4km, Nadrin 7.6km, Taverneux 7.6km, Wibrin 7.9km, Tavigny 8.3km and Sommerain 9.8km), Bastogne 10km (Noville 4.5km and Rachamps 4.8km) and La Roche-en-Ardenne 14.3km (Ortho 8.5km)
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