In 1977, Habay-la-Vieille and other municipalities merged into the new municipality of Habay.
Nearby towns include Habay 0.7km (Habay-la-Neuve 2.2km, Houdemont 2.6km, Rulles 4.3km, Hachy 5km and Anlier 5.3km), Étalle 5.6km (Villers-sur-Semois 5km, Vance 6.9km, Sainte-Marie 7km, Chantemelle 8.2km and Buzenol 8.7km), Tintigny 8.8km (Rossignol 9.7km), Léglise 10.4km (Thibessart 6.9km and Mellier 8.7km), Attert 12.5km (Nobressart 7.4km, Thiaumont 8km and Heinstert 8.6km) and Arlon 14.8km (Heinsch 9.4km)
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