Heinstert has since long been a part of Nobressart.
In 1977, Nobressart was incorporated into Attert.
Nearby towns include Attert 4.5km (Nobressart 2km, Post 2.7km, Schadeck 3.7km, Thiaumont 4.5km and Tontelange 6.8km), Martelange 8.4km, Habay 8.4km (Habay-la-Neuve 6.4km, Hachy 7km, Anlier 7.8km and Habay-la-Vieille 8.5km), Arlon 10.4km (Heinsch 6.6km, Freylange 7.3km and Bonnert 8.4km) and Rambrouch 12.3km (Perlé 6.4km and Wolwelange 7.4km)
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