Post and Schadeck have since long belonged to Attert.
In 1977, Nobressart, Thiaumont and Tontelange were incorporated into Attert.
Nearby towns include Attert (Schadeck 1km, Post 1.8km, Tontelange 3.1km, Heinstert 4.5km, Nobressart 5.1km and Thiaumont 5.6km), Arlon 7.7km (Bonnert 4.9km, Guirsch 5.9km, Freylange 6.2km and Heinsch 6.6km), Martelange 9.7km, Rambrouch 10.2km (Perlé 6.9km and Wolwelange 8km) and Habay 12.6km (Hachy 9.5km)
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