In 1977, Assenois, Ébly, Mellier and Witry were incorporated into Léglise.
Nearby towns include Léglise (Ébly 0.5km, Mellier 3.7km, Thibessart 3.9km, Assenois 5.4km and Witry 8.5km), Neufchâteau 8.6km (Hamipré 7.1km, Massul 8.4km, Longlier 8.7km, Montplainchamps 8.9km and Grapfontaine 9.6km), Habay 9.7km (Anlier 6.7km, Rulles 9.5km and Houdemont 9.7km), Vaux-sur-Sûre 12.3km (Juseret 8.8km) and Tintigny 13.2km (Saint-Vincent 4.7km)
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