In 1977, Villers-sur-Semois was incorporated into Étalle.
Nearby towns include Tintigny 3.8km (Rossignol 5.8km and Bellefontaine 5.9km), Étalle 4.1km (Sainte-Marie 3km, Buzenol 6.4km, Chantemelle 8.4km and Vance 8.4km), Habay 5.3km (Rulles 1.9km, Houdemont 2.6km, Habay-la-Vieille 5km, Habay-la-Neuve 7.2km, Hachy 8.6km and Anlier 9km), Léglise 11.4km (Thibessart 7.5km and Mellier 8.3km) and Chiny 16.3km (Les Bulles 9.9km and Jamoigne 10km)
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