In 1811, Rendeux-Bas and Rendeux-Haut merged into the new municipality of Rendeux.
In 1977, Beffe, Hodister and Marcourt were incorporated into Rendeux.
Nearby towns include Rendeux (Rendeux-Haut 0.1km, Rendeux-Bas 1km, Beffe 1.9km, Jupille 3.8km and Hodister 3.8km), Hotton 5.5km (Hampteau 3.4km, Ny 5.9km, Marenne 6.3km, Melreux 7.1km and Fronville 8.9km), Érezée 7.6km (Amonines 5.1km, Soy 5.8km, Fisenne 6.6km and Biron 8.4km), La Roche-en-Ardenne 7.6km (Marcourt 2.5km, Cielle 5.9km, Halleux 7km, Beausaint 7.9km and Vecmont 9.4km), Marche-en-Famenne 11.4km (Grimbiémont 6.4km, Lignières 6.7km and Roy 8.3km), Durbuy 13.6km (Oppagne 8.4km), Manhay 13.8km (Dochamps 8.5km) and Nassogne 16.5km (Bande 9.4km)
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