In 1977, Ambly, Bande, Forrières, Grune, Harsin, Lesterny and Masbourg were incorporated into Nassogne.
Nearby towns include Nassogne (Ambly 2.5km, Masbourg 2.7km, Grune 4.4km, Forrières 4.6km, Lesterny 4.6km, Harsin 5.3km and Bande 7.1km), Rochefort 9.2km (Wavreille 6.6km and Jemelle 6.8km), Tellin 10.3km (Grupont 5.8km and Bure 7.2km), Marche-en-Famenne 11.1km (On 6.2km, Hargimont 6.6km, Marloie 8.2km, Roy 8.3km, Waha 9.3km, Hollogne 9.5km and Lignières 9.8km) and Saint-Hubert 11.6km (Awenne 6.4km and Mirwart 9.7km)
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