In 1977, On was incorporated into Marche-en-Famenne.
Nearby towns include Rochefort 4.9km (Jemelle 2.2km, Wavreille 6.3km, Buissonville 7.9km, Han-sur-Lesse 8.9km and Éprave 9.4km), Nassogne 6.1km (Ambly 3.8km, Forrières 4.5km, Harsin 4.5km, Lesterny 6.7km, Masbourg 6.9km, Grune 7km and Bande 9.1km), Marche-en-Famenne 7.5km (Hargimont 2km, Marloie 3.7km, Humain 4.4km, Waha 6km, Aye 6km, Hollogne 6.7km and Roy 8.9km), Tellin 11.4km (Grupont 8.8km and Bure 9.4km), Somme-Leuze 19.1km (Hogne 8.6km and Waillet 9.9km) and Ciney 19.2km (Serinchamps 7.6km)
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