In 1977, Masbourg was incorporated into Nassogne.
Nearby towns include Nassogne 2.7km (Lesterny 2.3km, Ambly 3.3km, Forrières 3.4km, Grune 7.1km, Harsin 7.6km and Bande 9.8km), Tellin 7.7km (Grupont 3.1km and Bure 4.5km), Rochefort 8.5km (Wavreille 4.6km, Jemelle 6.6km and Han-sur-Lesse 9.1km), Saint-Hubert 10.5km (Awenne 4.1km, Mirwart 7.1km and Arville 8.7km) and Marche-en-Famenne 13.1km (On 6.9km, Hargimont 8km and Marloie 9.8km)
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