In 1977, Humain was incorporated into Marche-en-Famenne.
Nearby towns include Rochefort 5.6km (Buissonville 4.1km, Jemelle 4.9km, Briquemont 8.6km, Wavreille 9.5km, Éprave 9.6km and Mont-Gauthier 9.8km), Marche-en-Famenne 6.7km (Aye 3.8km, Marloie 4.3km, On 4.4km, Hargimont 4.4km, Waha 6.2km and Hollogne 7.2km), Nassogne 10.5km (Harsin 7.5km, Ambly 8.2km and Forrières 8.3km), Ciney 15km (Serinchamps 3.2km and Chevetogne 9.9km) and Somme-Leuze 16.5km (Hogne 5.1km, Waillet 7km, Sinsin 7.7km and Nettinne 9.5km)
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