In 1811, Grimbiémont was incorporated into Lignières.
In 1823, Lignières was incorporated into Roy.
In 1977, Roy was incorporated into Marche-en-Famenne.
Nearby towns include Rendeux 6.7km (Hodister 4.3km, Rendeux-Haut 6.7km, Rendeux-Bas 7.2km, Jupille 7.4km and Beffe 8.6km), Marche-en-Famenne 7.7km (Grimbiémont 1.6km, Roy 1.9km, Hollogne 6.1km, Waha 7km, Marloie 8.6km and Hargimont 9.1km), Hotton 8.5km (Marenne 5.9km and Hampteau 7.8km), Nassogne 9.8km (Bande 2.8km, Grune 5.5km and Harsin 6.3km) and La Roche-en-Ardenne 10km (Halleux 5.2km, Marcourt 7km, Vecmont 7.7km, Beausaint 8.6km and Cielle 8.8km)
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