In 1823, Melreux was incorporated into Hotton.
Nearby towns include Hotton 1.8km (Fronville 1.7km, Ny 2.8km, Hampteau 3.7km and Marenne 4.8km), Rendeux 7.1km (Rendeux-Bas 6.2km, Rendeux-Haut 7.2km and Beffe 7.3km), Durbuy 7.7km (Grandhan 5.6km, Eneilles 5.7km, Petithan 5.7km, Oppagne 5.9km, Petite-Somme 7.5km, Wéris 7.9km, Septon 8.1km and Barvaux-sur-Ourthe 8.3km), Somme-Leuze 7.9km (Noiseux 5.1km, Baillonville 7.4km and Waillet 9.9km), Érezée 8.4km (Biron 4km, Soy 5km, Fisenne 6.5km and Amonines 8.4km), Marche-en-Famenne 9.2km (Grimbiémont 8.9km and Hollogne 9.9km) and La Roche-en-Ardenne 14.8km (Marcourt 9.6km)
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