Dion-le-Val has since long been a part of Dion.
In 1977, Dion was incorporated into Beauraing.
Nearby towns include Beauraing 4.8km (Winenne 2.2km, Javingue 3.8km, Feschaux 4km, Baronville 4.1km, Éclaye 4.8km, Wancennes 6km, Felenne 6.2km, Wiesme 7.2km, Martouzin-Neuville 8.4km, Doreux 8.7km, Pondrôme 8.7km and Vonêche 8.9km), Houyet 11.3km (Mesnil-Saint-Blaise 5.5km, Finnevaux 6.1km and Mesnil-Église 7.3km), Hastière 11.6km (Heer 6.5km, Agimont 8.6km, Blaimont 9.2km and Waulsort 9.9km), Gedinne 15.5km (Vencimont 9.8km) and Dinant 15.8km (Falmagne 9.2km and Falmignoul 9.6km)
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