Dion-le-Val has since long been a part of Dion.
In 1977, Dion was incorporated into Beauraing.
Nearby towns include Grez-Doiceau 3.3km (Biez 3km, Eerken 3.9km, Bossut-Gottechain 5.4km and Nethen 7.5km), Wavre 4.5km (Bierges 5km and Limal 6.9km), Chaumont-Gistoux 5.4km (Dion-le-Val , Dion-le-Mont 2km, Bonlez 2.5km, Longueville 5.5km and Corroy-le-Grand 6.2km), Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve 8.7km (Limelette 7.5km and Ottignies 8.8km), Rixensart 9km (Rosières 8.2km), Huldenberg 9.8km (Ottenburg 5.2km and Sint-Agatha-Rode 8km), Walhain 9.9km (Nil-Saint-Martin 8.4km, Nil-Saint-Vincent-Saint-Martin 8.5km, Nil-Saint-Vincent 8.6km, Saint-Lambert 9.2km, Tourinnes-Saint-Lambert 9.5km and Tourinnes-les-Ourdons 9.5km), Incourt 9.9km (Sart-Risbart 5.8km, Piétrebais 6.1km and Roux-Miroir 8.5km), Mont-Saint-Guibert 10km (Korbeek 7.9km), Beauvechain 10.4km (Nodebeek 8km, Hamme-Mille 8km and Tourinnes-la-Grosse 9km), Overijse 11km (Terlanen 7.3km), Oud-Heverlee 13.4km (Sint-Joris-Weert 9.5km) and Beauraing 70.7km
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