Éclaye has since long been a part of Beauraing.
In 1977, Baronville, Dion, Felenne, Feschaux, Focant, Froidfontaine, Honnay, Martouzin-Neuville, Pondrôme, Wancennes, Wiesme and Winenne were incorporated into Beauraing.
In 1977, Javingue and Vonêche merged into the new municipality of Beauraing.
Nearby towns include Beauraing (Éclaye , Wancennes 2.2km, Baronville 2.3km, Javingue 2.7km, Martouzin-Neuville 3.7km, Doreux 3.9km, Pondrôme 3.9km, Winenne 4.5km, Wiesme 4.7km, Dion 4.9km, Vonêche 5.4km, Feschaux 5.7km, Froidfontaine 6.3km, Focant 6.3km, Honnay 6.7km, Honnay 6.7km and Felenne 9km), Houyet 9.2km (Finnevaux 5.6km, Mesnil-Église 6.2km, Hour 8.1km, Mesnil-Saint-Blaise 8.3km and Wanlin 9.5km), Wellin 11.7km (Froidlieu 8.3km and Sohier 9.3km), Gedinne 14.2km (Vencimont 8.9km) and Rochefort 19.8km (Lavaux-Sainte-Anne 9.8km)
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