In 1965, Anseremme, Bouvignes-sur-Meuse and Dréhance were incorporated into Dinant.
In 1977, Falmagne, Falmignoul, Foy-Notre-Dame, Furfooz, Lisogne, Sorinnes and Thynes were incorporated into Dinant.
Nearby towns include Dinant (Bouvignes-sur-Meuse 1.8km, Anseremme 2.4km, Dréhance 3.1km, Awagne 4.8km, Lisogne 4.8km, Sorinnes 4.9km, Furfooz 5.1km, Foy-Notre-Dame 5.6km, Thynes 5.6km, Falmignoul 6.3km and Falmagne 6.6km), Onhaye 5.6km (Sommière 5km, Weillen 6.4km, Gerin 7.1km, Falaën 8.8km and Serville 10km), Anhée 6.2km (Haut-le-Wastia 7.2km and Warnant 9.1km), Yvoir 7.9km (Houx 5.1km, Purnode 6.4km, Évrehailles 6.8km, Dorinne 7.7km and Spontin 9.6km), Hastière 8.3km (Waulsort 7km, Hastière-par-delà 7.8km, Hastière-Lavaux 7.8km, Blaimont 9.2km and Hermeton-sur-Meuse 9.9km), Houyet 10.7km (Hulsonniaux 6.8km and Celles 7.5km), Ciney 13.9km (Achêne 9.4km and Sovet 9.5km) and Villers-le-Bouillet 42.7km (Warnant 9.1km)
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