In 1977, Anthée, Gerin, Serville, Sommière and Weillen were incorporated into Onhaye.
In 1977, Falaën and other municipalities merged into the new municipality of Onhaye.
Nearby towns include Onhaye (Gerin 1.8km, Weillen 2.5km, Sommière 4.1km, Serville 4.9km, Falaën 5.4km and Anthée 5.5km), Hastière 3.3km (Hastière-Lavaux 2.7km, Hastière-par-delà 2.9km, Waulsort 4.3km, Hermeton-sur-Meuse 5.2km, Blaimont 5.3km, Heer 8.6km and Agimont 9.1km), Dinant 5.6km (Anseremme 4.7km, Falmignoul 5.5km, Bouvignes-sur-Meuse 5.5km, Falmagne 6km, Dréhance 7km, Furfooz 8.6km and Awagne 9.9km), Anhée 8.3km (Haut-le-Wastia 7.3km, Sosoye 7.5km and Warnant 9.1km), Yvoir 10km (Houx 8.2km), Doische 13.4km (Gochenée 8.4km and Soulme 9.3km), Houyet 13.5km (Mesnil-Saint-Blaise 8.7km and Hulsonniaux 8.8km), Florennes 16.8km (Morville 6.8km and Flavion 9.1km) and Villers-le-Bouillet 47.6km (Warnant 9.1km)
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