In 1830, Clairefontaine was incorporated into Autelbas-Barnich.
In 1977, Autelbas-Barnich was incorporated into Arlon.
Nearby towns include Arlon 4.1km (Autelbas-Barnich 1.6km, Autelbas-Barnich 1.6km, Sterpenich 2.7km, Guirsch 5.8km, Bonnert 6km, Toernich 6.6km, Freylange 7.8km and Heinsch 9.6km), Messancy 8.9km (Hondelange 4.5km, Wolkrange 6.1km, Sélange 6.3km, Guerlange 9.3km and Habergy 9.6km) and Attert 10.9km (Tontelange 7.8km)
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