In 1977, Sélange and other municipalities merged into the new municipality of Messancy.
Nearby towns include Messancy 3.1km (Hondelange 2.8km, Guerlange 3.1km, Wolkrange 4.5km and Habergy 6.6km), Aubange 5.6km (Athus 5.4km, Aix-sur-Cloie 6.2km, Rachecourt 9.2km and Halanzy 9.7km), Arlon 8.5km (Autelbas-Barnich 4.9km, Autelbas-Barnich 4.9km, Sterpenich 5.1km, Clairefontaine 6.3km and Toernich 7km) and Saint-Léger 14.2km (Meix-le-Tige 9.6km)
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