In 1796, Guerlange was incorporated into Messancy.
In 1977, Habergy, Hondelange and Wolkrange were incorporated into Messancy.
In 1977, Sélange and other municipalities merged into the new municipality of Messancy.
Nearby towns include Messancy (Guerlange 2.9km, Sélange 3.1km, Hondelange 4.5km, Wolkrange 4.6km and Habergy 4.7km), Aubange 2.7km (Aix-sur-Cloie 3.1km, Athus 3.7km, Rachecourt 6.5km and Halanzy 6.6km), Musson 8.9km, Arlon 10km (Toernich 7.1km, Autelbas-Barnich 7.6km, Autelbas-Barnich 7.6km, Sterpenich 8.1km and Clairefontaine 8.9km) and Saint-Léger 11.8km (Meix-le-Tige 7.5km and Châtillon 9.1km)
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