In 1977, Steenkerque was incorporated into Braine-le-Comte.
Nearby towns include Rebecq 5.4km (Roosbeek 2.9km, Bierk 6.8km and Quenast 7km), Braine-le-Comte 5.9km (Petit-Rœulx-lez-Braine 2.5km, Hennuyères 7.1km and Henripont 9.6km), Enghien 6km (Petit-Enghien 5.2km and Mark 6.5km), Soignies 7.1km (Horrues 4.3km, Chaussée-Notre-Dame-Louvignies 7.5km, Chaussée-Notre-Dame 7.5km, Louvignies 8.6km and Neufvilles 9.5km), Herne 9.3km (Sint-Pieters-Kapelle 9km), Silly 10.2km (Hove 3.7km, Graty 5.3km, Thoricourt 9.2km and Zullik 9.9km) and Tubize 11.1km (Wisbecq 6.4km and Sint-Renelde 9.4km)
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