In 1977, Henripont was incorporated into Braine-le-Comte.
Nearby towns include Écaussinnes 3.2km (Écaussinnes-Lalaing 3km, Écaussinnes-d'Enghien 4.5km and Marche-lez-Écaussinnes 5.7km), Braine-le-Comte 3.8km (Ronquières 2.9km, Hennuyères 4.7km, Petit-Rœulx-lez-Braine 7.4km and Steenkerque 9.7km), Ittre 8.2km (Virginal-Samme 5.3km), Soignies 8.2km, Rebecq 9.1km (Roosbeek 8.4km and Quenast 8.5km), Seneffe 9.2km (Feluy 5.9km, Arquennes 7.3km and Familleureux 8.7km), Nivelles 9.8km (Bornival 6.5km and Monstreux 7.4km), Tubize 10.9km (Oostkerk 8.5km) and Le Rœulx 11.8km (Mignault 8km)
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