In 1977, Ronquières was incorporated into Braine-le-Comte.
Nearby towns include Écaussinnes 5.4km (Écaussinnes-Lalaing 5.3km, Écaussinnes-d'Enghien 7.1km and Marche-lez-Écaussinnes 7.5km), Ittre 5.6km (Virginal-Samme 3.8km and Hoog-Itter 7.4km), Braine-le-Comte 6km (Henripont 2.9km, Hennuyères 5km and Petit-Rœulx-lez-Braine 9.5km), Nivelles 7.4km (Bornival 3.9km, Monstreux 4.9km and Baulers 9.3km), Braine-le-Château 8.5km (Woutersbrakel 9.8km), Seneffe 9.2km (Feluy 5.3km, Arquennes 6.1km, Petit-Rœulx-lez-Nivelles 8.8km and Familleureux 9.8km), Rebecq 9.5km (Quenast 8.3km and Roosbeek 9.6km) and Tubize 9.6km (Oostkerk 6.9km and Clabecq 9.1km)
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