In 1823, Mortehan was incorporated into Cugnon.
In 1977, Cugnon was incorporated into Bertrix.
Nearby towns include Herbeumont 2.7km (Saint-Médard 8.5km), Bertrix 6.7km (Cugnon 0.6km, Auby-sur-Semois 2.9km, Orgeo 7.7km and Assenois 8.7km), Bouillon 10.4km (Dohan 5.1km, Les Hayons 5.1km, Bellevaux 8.5km, Noirefontaine 8.8km and Curfoz 9.9km), Paliseul 12.8km (Fays-les-Veneurs 8.1km and Offagne 10km) and Florenville 13.3km (Fontenoille 9.6km and Muno 9.6km)
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