Les Hayons

In 1977, Les Hayons was incorporated into Bouillon.
Nearby towns include Bouillon 5.9km (Dohan 1.8km, Noirefontaine 3.8km, Bellevaux 3.8km, Curfoz 4.9km, Sensenruth 5.4km, Ucimont 6.7km, Mogimont 6.9km and Vivy 9.7km), Herbeumont 7.5km, Bertrix 9km (Auby-sur-Semois 2.7km, Cugnon 4.5km, Mortehan 5.1km and Assenois 8.7km) and Paliseul 10.1km (Fays-les-Veneurs 6km, Nollevaux 6.6km and Offagne 8.4km)
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