In 1977, Hollange and Tintange were incorporated into Fauvillers.
Nearby towns include Fauvillers (Strainchamps 3.5km, Warnach 4.6km, Hollange 6.5km, Tintange 6.8km, Romeldange 8km and Sainlez 8.4km), Martelange 5.6km, Vaux-sur-Sûre 9.8km (Remoiville 7.5km, Nives 8.5km, Juseret 9.1km and Vaux-lez-Rosières 9.9km), Léglise 10.7km (Witry 4km), Rambrouch 13.2km (Wolwelange 7.4km and Perlé 8km) and Habay 13.9km (Anlier 9.4km)
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