Romeldange has since long been a part of Tintange.
In 1823, Warnach was incorporated into Tintange.
In 1977, Tintange was incorporated into Fauvillers.
Nearby towns include Martelange 5.2km, Fauvillers 6.8km (Romeldange 1.9km, Warnach 2.3km, Strainchamps 4.9km, Sainlez 5.6km and Hollange 5.6km), Rambrouch 8.6km (Wolwelange 6.5km and Perlé 7.6km), Vaux-sur-Sûre 13.7km (Remoiville 9.2km and Hompré 9.9km) and Bastogne 14.3km (Villers-la-Bonne-Eau 6.2km)
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