Zammel has since long been a part of Geel.
Nearby towns include Westerlo 2.6km (Tongerlo 2.6km, Oevel 5.3km and Zoerle-Parwijs 5.4km), Laakdal 4.5km (Varendonk 1.9km, Eindhout 3.9km, Veerle 4.2km and Vorst 5.6km), Herselt 7.1km, Geel 7.7km (Oosterlo 2.4km), Olen 7.9km, Meerhout 9.7km, Scherpenheuvel-Zichem 10km (Averbode 8.5km), Hulshout 11.5km (Westmeerbeek 9km) and Herentals 11.8km (Noorderwijk 8.9km and Morkhoven 9.2km)
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